How Can I help you?

Here is an overview of the programs and services that are customized to your needs, goals and budget. Check them out!

PR Strategy & Planning Package
You can’t have a successful PR campaign without a solid strategy and plan in place. We work with you to get a clear picture of your company and market and develop a systematic roadmap that encompasses your vision, mission, goals and objectives, and direction. We analyze where you are now and provide you with a strategic work plan, which includes:

  • Company Analysis

  • Market Research and Analysis

  • Media Research and Analysis

  • One-Year PR Plan

  • Targeted Media List

  • Once Weekly Consult Calls for One Month

Public Relations Package
If you’re ready to harness the power of PR and get the visibility you deserve, this package includes it all!

  • Strategy & Planning

  • Press Release Writing and Distribution*

  • Media Relations and Influencer Relations

  • Analyst Relations

  • Online Press Kit

  • Crisis Communications

  • Media Training

  • Media Events*

  • Internal Relations

    *The cost of this package does not include the cost of events, trade shows, media tours, press events or promotional tactics. These items are performed on a project basis and considered outside and in addition to the . It also does not include expenses such as postage, wire distribution, press clipping services, shipping, travel, or other expenses agreed upon between you and me. All additional expenses will be invoiced at cost with prior written approval.

Branding Package
If you’re just starting out and have no idea where to begin when it comes to creating your brand, I can help you! Some of our services include:

  • Logo Design

  • Squarespace Web Site Design

  • Color and Font Schemes

  • Developing Marketing Collateral and Swag

  • Email Marketing Consulting

Social Media Starter Package
Social Media plays a vital role in building brand awareness and engaging with your audience. We can help you get started by:

  • Designing your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn Profiles

  • Blogging

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn Advertising

  • Developing Digital Content

Business Coaching
As a certified entrepreneur and business coach and having successfully started businesses in the non-profit and for-profit spaces, I love to help entrepreneurs with their big picture vision and strategy, find their purpose, and home-in on their leadership skills.

I also want to use my experience and my story to help others who need help - people who are suffering from the constant worry of an unpredictable and unreliable income - the feast or famine lifestyle.

That's no "lifestyle". Trust me. I lived it.

Click here to schedule a free coaching Discovery Call and see how I can help you grow and scale your business and achieve freedom, prosperity and joy.